"Effective teachers ensure that their students are clear about what they are expected to do and how they are expected to do it." Marzano 2009

​3-Year Old Preschool Class

The 3 Year Program is truly the beginning of your child's story!  Shepherd of the Ridge Lutheran Preschool introduces your child to printing (upper and lower case letters), holding a crayon correctly, tracing, cutting with scissors.  We introduce the children to letters, shapes, numbers, learning the letters of their name and recognizing their name.  Children are introduced to a routine of Jesus Time, learning centers, carpet time, and  snack time.  Fun activities associated with the studies are added throughout the year, such as: holiday parties, the famous alphabet cake, and camping.  (Don't worry...we never leave the classroom!)  As in all classes SOTR Preschool promote Christianity through Bible stories, songs, puppets, and  finger play.

4-Year Old Preschool Class


The 4 Year Program concentrates on getting your child ready for kindergarten.  ​Children are kept busy writing their name correctly.  Working on upper and lower case letters, making patterns, introducing vowels and rhyming.  Working on sentence structure and sight words round out the academics.  Sharing and manners are worked into the day.  A day involving Jesus Time, learning centers, carpet time and snack time along with singing, and memorizing poems for Chapel keeps the children busy.  Fun activities are always added throughout the day, which includes,the famous alphabet cake, holiday parties, and a fun camping trip. (Not to worry...we never leave the classroom!)  Christianity through Bible stories, songs, puppets and finger play are an important part of the curriculum.

Pre Kindergarten Class

Shepherd of the Ridge Pre-Kindergarten is based on the required Ohio Department of Education Early Learning and Development Standards.  The early child curriculum utilizes the series One in Christ published by Condordia Publishing House.  It serves as a base for the daily lessons and focus on biblical themes that enhance implementation on readiness skills taught in math, literacy, science, creative arts, social skills, technology and religion.  The curriculum also encourages family involvement through weekly letters and stories to be shared on the home front as well as the school environment.  SOTR Pre-Kindergarten supports a positive learning environment that nurtures the "whole child.'  We also encourage and support a learning community that promotes quality learning and experiences that will pave a positive path for our motivated learners on their journey to acquire knowledge.